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Multi clips frameless flat wiper blade

Model : HS-5773 Flat wiper blade can with multi-function adapters.

Multifit wiper blade rain wiper blades

Model : HS-590A Flat series ,universal type wiper blades, with one adapter or muiti-fit adapters.

Mul-fit flat wiper blade

Model : HS-5774 Mul-fit flat wiper blade

Hot sale universal plastic double wiper blade

Model : HS-601 Universal plastic double wiper blade

Universal type double wiper blade with spoiler

Model : HS-602 Patented and double universal type with spoiler ,METAL + PLASTIC frame.

Colorful china best double wiper blades car windshield wipers

Model : HS-603 Patented and double universal type ,METAL + PLASTIC frame.

Plastic rear wiper blade for SKODA

Model : HS-304 Plastic REAR wiper blade for SKODA.

Flat rear wiper blade for SKODA ,VW

Model : HS-550 Flat REAR wiper blade for SKODA, VW.

Winshield wiper blade rubber strip wiper refills

Model : HS-01 Wiper refill with plastic backing & metal clip,CUT-TO-FIT

Hot welcomed natural rubber top quality windshield wiper refill

Model : HS-04 Wiper refill with Bosch type blade ,stainless steel backing, CUT-TO-FIT

High quality natural rubber wiper blade refill roll

Model : HS-06 Wiper refill with Japanese type blade ,stainless steel backing, CUT-TO -FIT

Wiper blades rubber refill car replacement rubber

Model : HS-08 Wiper refill with Japanese type blade, stainless steel backing & plastic fasteners